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REVIEW: The Congress

the-congress-movieThe only thing I’m sure about post-my viewing of chick flick woman’s film film-about-women-and-their-lives The Congress at my local arthouse cinema was that The Lady From Shanghailooks like a damned travesty. Not only is it one of those old, slow, black and white jobs I resented studying during my undergraduate, in which Orson Welles walks around being portly and grumpy while earning more than…

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Plaque marks 1963 bus boycott


Plaque marks 1963 bus boycott

Bristol boycott march

Prince Brown (left), Roy Hackett (right) and other campaigners in Bristol

Guy Bailey, Roy Hackett and Paul Stephenson in front of one of the original green buses - modern photo

A campaign which was key to gaining equality for Bristol’s black and ethnic minorities is to be remembered with a new plaque.

The 1963 Bristol Bus Boycott led the Bristol Omnibus Company to change its racist policies that stopped black people from working on the buses.

Original campaigners Dr Paul Stephenson OBE, Guy Bailey OBE and Roy Hackett will attend the unveiling ceremony.

In 1965, the…

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Does social media really encourage political action for Gaza?


Carl Miller of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media asserts that“para-political activity is a potent and growing phenomenon”, and if you’ve ever even glanced at social media, you’ll agree. But, note the use of the prefix para-, and his following assertion: “as politics in front of our eyes seems to be business as usual, an earthquake is rumbling under Westminster.” Is it really the case…

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